E-pub mania

A fascinating consideration here of the possibility of the e-publishing bubble expanding and then imploding, leaving us all with egg on our faces  and no books on the shelves:


Will it happen?

Who knows.

Trends are often bucked and unexpected successes rise from nowhere – look at the 50 shades saga. Bad writing still makes millions if there are buyers for it. For myself, and the many thousands of other unknowns, debut, budding and serious writers, e-publishing still represents an opportunity to get our work out there. It was said in a recent documentary on 50 shades of grey that no author having a book published over the last few months will have stood a chance of making more than a 100 or so sales because the world and her husband is too mesmerised by the flicking whip of Ms James and her Mr Grey to even notice the real stuff there is around to read. It’s a sad indictment of our modern sheep-like mentality that values the cheap thrill above the intellectual stimulant, and the publisher that prefers the buck to the brain, so, I will continue with my brief summary of how to e-pub, and then go back to my relative anonymity of one traditional publication and one about to be self-published. I wonder how the next ones will appear for the world?

Probably one of the best reviews of available options is here from David Carnoy of CNET :


At the end of the day, the choice is yours, but with one BIG homily to note. Wherever you publish, whatever you publish and however you publish – do NOT expect to be the next millionaire. Be pleased to have birthed your baby and enjoy the next things you write. At the end of the day, if you write as a vocation – and that differentiates the real writer from the commercial vulture – you write for the sheer joy of expressing yourself, and e-publishing gives other people a chance to share in that  – ENJOY!

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