When I was out walking the other day

feet 1  When I was out walking the other day,

I met a woman along the way.

I smiled and nodded and asked how she did.

She smiled and nodded and said she was good.

She told me she’d been happy and smiled in her past,

She told me she cried and been sad, but that had passed.

She told me she’d learnt how to lose and still smile –

As you don’t lose at all, it comes back after a while.

She said she’d learned how to let go;

how to grow;

how to go…

She said she’d learnt how to say no – and mean it, also.feet 2

She said she’d learnt how to receive as well as give,

she said she’d learnt to let others live, live, let live!

She said she’d learnt the measure of control,

and how she’d learnt how to love from her soul.

She said she’d learnt how ‘I love you’ meant all,

but only if said with no expectation to pall.

She now understood the seasons’ ebb and flow,

and despite  being autumn,  there was still much, much more to know.

Nothing she’d lost was ever a waste,

because the fruit of her future was still there to taste.

feet 3

I smiled and thanked her, and said I was glad, at last,

the me from the future had met the me from the past.

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3 Responses

  1. Beautiful – I am crying now and heartbroken at the enormity of my own feelings and realising too late that I have probably lost a very dear and true love whilst at a cross-roads in my life – how I would love to turn the clock back one week.

    • It’s always tough looking back – I often do so and wish I had done many things differently; hurts I didn’t intend, mistakes I didn’t realise I’d made, opportunities I was too scared to take, but we are all human, and fallible, and have to forgive ourselves us much as others. Life, I believe is all about seeing where you went wrong and finding ways of not repeating it. Sometimes those moving ‘if only’ moments are the main reason you make a move in the right direction. There is a famous quote (I can’t remember who said it) about never regretting what you’ve done, only what you didn’t. The way is forward, and always with the possibility of something wonderful just round the next corner.

      Go and tell them how you feel, if you can – they can only say no … x

      • Thank you so much Debbie for your very lovely and comforting words. I am so happy I found the poem and read it, otherwise I would not have shared this moving ‘moment’ with you. I did as you said and am very lucky that I do think it’s going to be ok….x

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